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Consideration of Environmental Impacts (2022)

Cedre Information Day, 29th March 2022, Virtual Event

Under the impetus of its Strategy Committee, Cedre is organising an Information Day focusing on the consideration of the environmental impacts of water pollution, both at sea and in inland waters.

The day will be divided into three sessions. The first session will address this question from the point of view of pollution prevention, with three presentations by the French authorities addressing the issues at stake and European and French regulations. The second session will tackle the options available to the response authorities when a spill occurs. These presentations will draw upon feedback from a international level operational authority confronted with an exceptional spill and the strategy adopted by the oil industry to mitigate the consequences of a spill.

The afternoon will be devoted to the assessment of environmental impacts following a spill. This topic will be illustrated with an example of environmental impact measurement in inland waters during the Lubrizol-Normandie Logistique incident. Impacts on the marine environment will be covered by an NGO. Finally, the economic evaluation of ecological damages will be described by two speakers working at national and international levels.

The conferences will be held virtually and will be interspersed with four discussion sessions with the audience            


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SESSION 1: Prior to a spill: preparedness 

European and French policies: issues and regulations : 

Clémence Corbeau, French Water and Biodiversity Directorate (DEB);
Océane Rignault, French Maritime Affairs (DAM);
Hélène Héron, French Directorate-General for Risk Prevention (DGPR);
Guillaume Xavier, PACA Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL)


SESSION 2: During a spill 

Consideration by industry of the environmental impact of an incident Sophie Depraz & Peter Taylor, Ipieca

Intervention of a United Nations authority on the assistance provided by the international community on a accidental pollution - Charlotta Benedek and Hassan Partow, UN/OCHA


SESSION 3: After a spill: measuring, evaluating and compensating 

Measuring environmental impacts in a river: the Lubrizol case - Vianney Pichereau, biology department chairman, UBO

Organising environmental impact monitoring - Ivan Calvez, Cedre

An NGO’s perspective on measuring environmental impacts - Anne-Laure Dugué, Birds Protection League (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux - LPO)

Economic evaluation of ecological damages - Thomas Liebert, FIPOL

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