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HOVERSPILL, 2009-2013

Development of a small hovercraft vehicle for fast response at difficult access or ecologically sensitive oiled sites








European Commission

(7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development)


Cedre (France)

Centro Ricerche Fiat (Italy)

HOVERTECH (United Kingdom)

Servizi Operativi Anfibi (Italy)

Terra Mediu (Romania)

Universita degli studi di Padova (Italy)

YLEC Consultants (France)


The Hoverspill project falls within one of Cedre’s primary missions which aims to test and enhance spill response techniques and equipment.

The aim is to develop an autonomous system capable of working at difficult access and ecologically sensitive sites using air cushion vehicle (or hovercraft) technology.

The project also includes the development of a diphasic oil-water separator, deployed during skimming operations on floating slicks, and assembled together with the recovery system (skimmer + pump).

As part of the Hoverspill project, Cedre conducted tests on the system’s spill response components (skimmers, pumps and separator) and performed trials/demonstrations of the vehicle in Cedre’s water basin as well as in the Loire estuary.

This project resulted in the development of a Multipurpose Air Cushion Platform (MACP) designed for a range of applications including spill response.



More information

Project description
European Commission



Opérations in difficult access areas: the Hoverspill project.
Inland waters technical newsletter 2013, n° 20, pp. 8-9


Video of the hovercraft, tests on the main river Po in Italy


MAPC (Multipurpose Air Cushion Platform) website


IOSC publications

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