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Cedre is an organisation that has been training spill response operators, managers and decision-makers around the globe for over 40 years. The trainees who attend our courses benefit from internationally recognised training and are given the opportunity to gains hand-on experience of the aspects addressed by Cedre’s in-house or external skilled and experienced trainers, through a variety of learning methods: in-person or virtual classes, e-learning, equipment demonstrations and visits, practical sessions, tabletop or field exercises, serious games, etc. Sixteen sessions on 11 different topics are scheduled each year in our training programme. Held either at Cedre’s one-of-a-kind facilities or at an external site, these inter-company courses are an excellent networking opportunity. We also offer intra-company, bespoke training courses developed according to the specific needs of our clients and partners that can be held either at Cedre or at a site of their choosing. All our courses can be run in French or English, or in any language for which simultaneous or consecutive translation can be provided.


Cedre is accredited, certified and labeled to deliver training to international standards:



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Standard courses

At Cedre or at an external location, our inter-company courses are an excellent networking opportunity.

Bespoke courses

The content of our bespoke intra-company training courses, held at Cedre or at the site of your choice, is developed with you to meet your specific needs.

Espace de formations à distance Cedre - E-learning

Online training

This space allows you to access our online training offer. Access our E-learning tools, virtual classes (webinars, webconferences), hybrid training, teaching materials and resources on this platform.


Complementary to our face-to-face trainings, these E-learning courses provide preliminary insight and opportunities to go further on various themes such as oil and chemicals spills response.

Learning approach

Attending one of our courses is above all the chance to benefit from internationally recognised teaching and to have the opportunity to put the knowledge gained into practice.


Training, arduousness, accessibility and disabilities

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