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Bespoke courses

The content of our bespoke intra-company training courses, held at Cedre or at the site of your choice, is developed with you to meet your specific needs.

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  • At Cedre's unique facilities
  • At the site of your choice (including offshore)


For whom?

  • Decision-makers and operational personnel
  • Your employees, contractors and partners



  • Dates arranged at your convenience
  • Duration arranged to meet your requirements



  • Several possible training methods: practical exercises, equipment deployment, tutorials, theory lectures
  • A wide range of topics covered:
    • All types of aquatic environments : offshore, inshore, ports, inland waters, industrial sites, mangroves, polar areas
    • All types of pollutants: oil, chemicals, containers
    • Different aspects of response: organisational aspects, situation assessment, response techniques and equipment, waste management


With what?

  • Real oil at Cedre
  • Simulants at your facilities



  • In English, French and Spanish
  • With experienced trainers from Cedre's teams or partners
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