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DHYVA, 2006-2010

Oil degradation in mudflats and anoxic ecosystems








€340K (ANR)

ANR, Programme SEST 2006


IPREM, Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour


LMGEM, Université Aix-Marseille II


The aim of the DHYVA project is to understand how bacterial metabolisms interact in pollutant degradation and to estimate the effect of bioturbation on these activities in order to:

  • assess oil degradation in sandy/muddy sediment, in situ in mesocosms and in the laboratory in microcosms
  • assess the influence of oxic/anoxic cycles on the fate of the oil
  • obtain insight into the bacterial diversity in the sediment and estimate the impact of oil compounds on bacterial communities
  • characterise the products of oil transformation following bacterial degradation
  • obtain information on the transfer of organic and metallic pollutants from one compartment to another and towards the food chain (sediment/water/burrowing organisms)
  • assess the influence of burrowing organisms and bioturbation on oil degradation
  • isolate and characterise bacterial consortiums and streams capable of degrading hydrocarbons in anaerobic and aerobic conditions.

The DECAPAGE project follows on from this project.



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