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Operational mapping

Building on the experience of the Prestige and Erika spills, we have developed a secure, user-friendly tool based on interactive mapping web technologies: ARGEPOL.

Collecting data

In an emergency, it is essential to collect and organise all the data relating to the pollution itself as well as all the operations conducted. This data should then be exploited, summarised, formatted and rapidly transmitted via internet to provide decision support as well as for subsequent monitoring.  
The system developed by Cedre can be used to monitor the pollution both at sea (aerial observation, drift forecast modelling results, tracking of drifter buoys) and onshore (pollutant washing up on the shore, waste recovered, personnel and equipment deployed, clean-up progress).
Using ARGEPOL, different environmental elements can be added such as information on the sensitivity of coastal areas to help to determine the most appropriate response strategy to preserve the most sensitive areas.

Presenting data in map form

The data recovered can be presented in map form on a regular, or even daily, basis.
The results obtained allow the authorities and operational responders to keep up to speed with the evolution of the situation and to adapt response strategies to prevent inappropriate operations and to support requests for additional personnel and equipment.

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