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Cedre is certified ISO 9001:2015 (SGS-ICS), ISO 14001:2015 (SGS-ICS) and accredited by The Nautical Institute

ISO 9001:2015

Cedre is certified ISO 9001:2015(n° FR03/01320), "Quality management systems", for its full range of activities:

  • advisory services
  • assisting in the implementation of contingency plans
  • producing and providing documentation
  • designing and conducting training courses
  • following up on pollution incidents
  • assessing techniques, products and equipment.

Cedre permanently works to meet the quality objectives set for each process, including the performance indicators under its triennial finance convention as a State-approved association with a public service mission. Cedre also conducts periodical satisfaction surveys among its partners and clients.


ISO 14001:2015

Cedre is also certified ISO 14001:2015(n° FR06/01319), "Environmental management systems", for its full range of activities. 

The objective established by the management team in this field is not only to follow the regulations in force, but also to anticipate the measures due to come into effect, to ensure that Cedre constitutes an environmental role model. The application of this policy involves:

  • control and monitoring of its discharges
  • heightened safety of its technical facilities
  • energy saving measures
  • environmental management of its green space
  • a proactive sorting process for waste paper and the printing of publications on recycled paper
  • raising awareness among personnel of ecological practices.

Nautical Institute

Since October 2020, Cedre is accredited by The Nautical Institute to deliver oil spill response training in accordance with international standards: 






On 13th November 2020, Cedre was awarded Qualiopi certification under the French national reference system on the quality of actions contributing to skill development, for the training actions category. Our certification is valid for a 4-year period including an intermediate surveillance audit.



Last update on 03/11/2020
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