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WEST MOPOCO, 2019-2020

Western Mediterranean Region Marine Oil and HNS Pollution Cooperation














of which 

€651,312 (European Union/DG-ECHO)


European Union



SGMer (France)

National Environmental Protection Agency - ANPE (Tunisia)

Cedre (France)

Commissariat National du Littoral (Algeria)


ISPRA (Italy)



Ministerio de Fomento (Spain)


Secretariat of State for the Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development (Morocco)

Transport Malta (Malta)



Principality of Monaco (on own funds)


West MOPoCo (Western Mediterranean region marine Oil & HNS Pollution Cooperation) is a European project involving 12 partners as well as the Principality of Monaco on its own funding.

In addition to project management and communication, 4 other work packages have been defined:

  • development and update of pollution response support tools: HNS response guidelines, tools such as REMPEC’s Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System (MIDSIS-TROCS) and the Mediterranean Emergency Reporting System (MedERSys).
  • assessment of the National Contingency Plans of the countries involved and, if necessary, the establishment of recommendations to improve them.
  • study of international cooperation mechanisms for emergency procedures in this area and the reinforcement of synergies between countries in the event of a Spill.
  • organisation of regional workshops and training courses on the use of the developed or updated tools and procedures.



Project website:


More information

GUÉNA A. 2019. West MOPoCo project. Cedre information bulletin, n° 39, p. 14


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Project results in West MOPoCo

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