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Post-spill monitoring

Following the response phase, we can assist you in reviewing the situation, organising monitoring and, where necessary, developing an appropriate restoration plan.

Reviewing the situation

Based on observations of the extent of the pollution, physical and chemical analyses, qualitative evaluations of the ecological impact and available pre-existing data, we are able to assist you in reviewing the post-spill situation. This will determine whether the environment's natural restoration process appears to be sufficient.


Identifying appropriate restoration techniques

We have the necessary expertise to assist you in identifying the methods and technologies which will help the ecosystem to recover more quickly. We define with you the objectives of the restoration plan as well as the endpoint criteria to be monitored in order to assess its performance.


Setting up a monitoring programme

Our team can also help you to set up a monitoring programme following the review, with a view to:

  • tracking the natural restoration of the environment if it appears sufficient (e.g. physical and chemical monitoring of water and sediment, monitoring of the restoration of vegetation and fauna populations)
  • assessing the performance of the restoration plan if the ecosystem, its functioning and the uses which depend on it are heavily affected.
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