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MARINER, 2016-2017

Enhancing HNS preparedness through training and exercising
















€749K (European Union)

European Union, (DG ECHO),



Action Modulers, Portugal

Cedre, France

CIIMAR, Portugal


PHE, United Kingdom

Universidade de Vigo, Spain


The main aim of the European project MARINER (Enhancing HNS preparedness through training and exercising) focuses on reinforcing regional cooperation in terms of preparedness to respond to HNS spills in marine waters. The main activities consist in:

  • A literature review to provide an overview of the results of European research projects and a compilation of information on spill response, made available via a dedicated website.
  • The improvement of the chemical transport and behaviour model developed as part of the ARCOPOL+ project.
  • The analysis of protocols and PPE used in the event of a spill on land, followed by an applicability study for spills at sea.
  • The development of training materials: PowerPoint presentations, posters, videos, e-learning materials, exercise materials, etc.
  • Train the trainer: lectures, workshops and exercises.

Cedre will be contributing to all the different project tasks and is particularly involved in the development of training and exercise materials as well as in running the courses scheduled for 2017.



Project website:


More information

Click here to download the MARINER Layman’s report.


Overview of the project's main results with download links to documents from photos or diagrams.


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