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Analysis & Research

With half of our staff dedicated to analysis and research, state-of-the-art analytical equipment and original experimental facilities, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of services, whether for a specific need or as part of a long term project.

Last update on 22/03/2022

Dispersant and sorbent testing

We test the efficiency of various types of response products in the laboratory: dispersants, sorbents, washing agents, etc.

Equipment testing

Our technical team assesses the performance of mechanical and electronic equipment both onshore and offshore in different working conditions.

Pollutant analysis

We are one of the few laboratories able to conduct emergency fingerprinting and analysis 24/7 to identify and quantify oil and chemicals.

Product behaviour

By knowing how a substance, whether oil or chemical, is liable to behave when spilt in water, we are able to assess its evolution in the environment and determine the most appropriate response techniques.

Product ecotoxicity

We conduct different types of tests on oil and chemicals to determine their toxicity for the aquatic environment.

Post-spill monitoring

Following the response phase, we can assist you in reviewing the situation, organising monitoring and, where necessary, developing an appropriate restoration plan.

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