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DECAPAGE, 2011-2015

In-depth characterization of HC-degradation capacities of marine sediment microbial communities: adaptation, metabolic processes and influence of oxygenation regimes







€500K (ANR)


(Joint funding)      

IPREM, Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour


LMGEM, University of Aix-Marseille II


As part of Cedre’s work towards enhancing knowledge of oil behaviour in the environment, Cedre joined a consortium of French academic teams to focus on the issue of the fate of spilt oil, and more specifically of the response of a sensitive environment (estuary, mudflat) to an oil spill.

The DECAPAGE project, launched in 2011 and achieved in 2015, follows on from the DHYVA project. It focuses on microbial communities in coastal sediment, by developing and applying an integrated multidisciplinary approach in order to explore oil degradation capacities and to understand the ecology of sedimentary systems.

The aim is to improve knowledge of biodegradation by microbial communities, when redox oscillations and different oxygenation regimes are applied.


More information

Project description (in French)
ANR (The French National Research Agency) website

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