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QUAMPO, 2019-2022

Quality of the marine environment in Mediterranean port areas










European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)



LIENSs (France - La Rochelle)

Cedre (France - Brest)

STARESO = STAtion de REcherches Sous-marines et Océanographique (France - Calvi)

MARE = Interfacultary Center for MArine REsearch at Liège University (Liège - Belgium)

Instances of pollution have been observed in certain Corsican ports with high levels of industrial activity.

Such pollution can have repercussions at all trophic levels and have a lasting impact on ecosystems beyond the port waters, notably in waters with biological and ecological functions, including fish nursery grounds.

A robust methodology must therefore be developed to identify and measure environmental disturbances. This method could enable us to more accurately predict the consequences of certain anthropogenic activity management actions on coastal port activities and to estimate the risks for humans.

Ultimately, a decision support system will be put forward to port managers in northern Corsica, based on an ecological approach. This system will present the shoreline contamination risks on the basis of known scientific, legal and social data, through information on uses and its spatial analysis.

This ambitious and innovative project is built on the implementation of a model combining biochemistry, analytical chemistry and ecotoxicogenomic chemistry (the study of genetic responses to contamination, in this case in certain invertebrates) and aims to ensure better characterisation and assessment of environmental impacts.


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