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Dispersant and sorbent testing

We test the efficiency of various types of response products in the laboratory: dispersants, sorbents, washing agents, etc.

For a test procedure

Whatever the response product, we perform tests according to clearly defined methods standardised by the French standardisation association AFNOR. Below are the lists of products we have tested and approved.

Marine dispersants

 List of marine dispersants tested and approved by Cedre

Fresh water dispersants

List of fresh water dispersants tested and approved by Cedre

Floating sorbents

List of floating sorbents tested and approved by Cedre

Contact details of floating sorbent manufacturers/suppliers  

Universal sorbents

List of universal sorbents

Contact details of universal sorbent manufacturers/suppliers 

Washing agents

 List of washing agents tested and approved by Cedre 


To check stocks

As the shelf life of dispersants is not infinite, it is important to periodically check that the products in emergency stockpiles are properly preserved. We can control the efficiency and, where relevant, the toxicity of a batch of dispersant.

Last update on 13/12/2017
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