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SPRES, 2012-2014

Development of oil spill prevention and response systems at local scales








European Commission

(Atlantic Area-Transnational Cooperation Program 2007-2013, Interreg IVB)


Environmental Hydraulics Institute, University of Cantabria (Spain)

AFBI (Ireland)

AZTI (Spain)

Cedre (France)

CESAM, University of Aveiro (Portugal)

IHCantabria (Spain)

LNEC (Portugal)

Terra Mediu (Romania)

University of Padua (Italy)

YLEC Consultants (France)


The primary objective of SPRES (Oil spill prevention and response at local scales) is to create both operational forecast systems and planning tools at local scales (estuaries and ports), by developing a set of operational high-resolution oceanographic systems in several estuaries and ports located in the Atlantic area (Aveiro Lagoon, Santander Bay, Port of Falmouth and Belfast Lough), combined with local contingency plans based on a risk assessment.

In the long term, the project aims to provide a web-based operational platform including the results of two types of models:

  • the high-resolution local scale drift forecast system
  • the risk analysis system.

End-users will thus have access:

  • in “risk assessment mode” to a database comprising pre-established spill scenarios based on the potential pollution sources identified and site vulnerability data. This tool should substantially improve contingency planning (improved preparedness in terms of available resources and teams, as well as an improved response strategy)
  • in “operational mode” in the event of a spill, to slick drift forecasts using up-to-date metocean data.



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