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Facilities and equipment

Here at Cedre, we have an array of original, including some unique, facilities and equipment to carry out our various activities.

Outdoor technical facilities

We have a 2.5 ha technical outdoor area specially designed to run practical spill response training courses, pilot-scale experiments and outdoor equipment trials.

Experimental devices

Our teams have designed and developed an array of innovative devices to study the short- and medium-term fate of pollutants spilt in water, as well as to assess the efficiency and impact of response techniques.


Here at Cedre, we have state-of-the-art equipment to identify the origin of a spill, assess the contamination level in the environment, test response products and assess response techniques.

Emergency response centre

At the heart of our premises, we have an office complex devoted to response support, complete with an emergency response centre equipped to handle all types of related queries.

Operational mapping

Building on the experience of the Prestige and Erika spills, we have developed a secure, user-friendly tool based on interactive mapping web technologies: ARGEPOL.


Various forecast models are available at Cedre to predict the evolution of oil or HNS spills.

Documentary resources

As a renowned documentation centre, Cedre has been collecting and disseminating information relating to accidental water pollution for nearly 40 years.

Training room

Training room

Cedre has a dedicated training room that was fully refurbished in 2018

Dining room

Dining room

Dining room at Cedre

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