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As a renowned documentation centre, Cedre collects information in the field of accidental water pollution on a daily basis. We organise, summarise and share this information with decision-makers, operational personnel and the general public.


Database of spill incidents and threats in waters around the world.

Equipment database

This database contains information about:

  • resources (equipment and products) to respond to oil and HNS spills, as well as aquatic litter
  • equipment manufacturers/suppliers and service provides specialised in these fields (protection, recovery, storage, clean-up, etc.).

Fact files

The following fact files provide detailed information on a range of topics: munitions dumped at sea, operational discharge, shoreline response techniques and spill response products.


Presently only one topic in this FAQ : What to do when the spill reaches the shore ? Should you wish other topics to be covered, do not hesitate to contact us.

Practical datasheets

Our practical spill response datasheets are concise documents providing immediate access to operational information.

Media library

A selection of photos and videos presenting Cedre's various activities.

Kids' corner

Learning guides on oil and chemical spills for 12 to 18-year-olds.


Cedre regularly publishes technical and scientific documents targeted towards the spill response community.

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