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Documentary resource centre

As a renowned documentation centre, Cedre has been collecting and disseminating information relating to accidental water pollution for nearly 40 years.

A resource centre with over 9,500 documents

Our resource centre is composed of 65% external publications (books, reports, studies, periodicals) and 35% in-house publications. The documents produced by Cedre mainly include practical guides, technical newsletters and information bulletins written, formatted and illustrated by our teams. We have full control over the entire publishing chain.

The majority of our bibliographical references can be accessed online. They can also be consulted on our premises by making an appointment with our documentalists who can be contacted at


A photo library with almost 11,500 entries

Our photo library comprises images mainly taken by Cedre's staff. A broad range of themes are covered: spill response at sea and on the shoreline, environment, experimentation... To request permission to use our images for a specific purpose, please contact our audiovisual technician at:


Two online press reviews

To keep up-to-date with the latest spill news, follow our online press reviews:

More informations


As a renowned documentation centre, Cedre collects information in the field of accidental water pollution on a daily basis. We organise, summarise and share this information with decision-makers, operational personnel and the general public.

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