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Pollution response equipment stockpiles

Cedre Information Day, 11 March 2010, Saint-Denis-La-Plaine.

Our Cedre Information Days generally adress technical or response issues. This year, our Strategic Committee was eager for our Information Day to be an opportunity to review the evolution of equipment stockpiles for response to spills in marine and fresh waters.

In order to do so, we have invited representatives of several national and international stockpiles to come and discuss this question.

The speakers have been asked to present their strategy for right-sizing and renewing their equipment stocks. Discussions will focus in particular on the complementary nature of different tiers of stockpiles, whether public or private.

Morning session chaired by Mr Jean-Claude Paravy, Directorate-General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea

Theme : National stockpiles

The various types of stockpiles: background and difficulties by Georges Peigné, Cedre.
application/pdf The various types of stockpiles: background and difficulties

Polmar Land stockpiles by Monique Floch, CETMEF.
application/pdf Polmar Land stockpiles

Polmar Sea stockpiles by LV Renaud Maldague, Commandant en second du CEPPOL.
application/pdf Polmar Sea stockpiles

ECRC-SIMEC stockpile management by Pierre Samson, Directeur région du Québec.
application/pdf ECRC-SIMEC stockpile management

Alternatives proposed by manufacturers by Jean-Michel Lavergne, Président du Sycopol.
application/pdf Alternatives proposed by manufacturers



Afternoon session chaired by Mr Jean-Luc Hall, Maritime Affairs Directorate

Theme : International stockpiles

Fast Oil Spill Team (FOST) by Laurent Routisseau, Direction des Transports, Total Sa.
 application/pdf Fast Oil Spill Team (FOST)

Oil Spill Response (OSR) by David Salt, Operations Director.
 application/pdf Oil Spill Response (OSR)

Clean Caribbean & Americas (CCA) by Paul A. Schuler, Président Clean Caribbean & Americas. 
application/pdf Clean Caribbean & Americas (CCA)

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