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Containers (2021)

Cedre Information Day, 23rd March 2021, Virtual Event

The 25th Cedre Information Day will focus on the issue of containers and the accidental pollution they can generate, both at sea and in inland waters, ports and waterways. The day will be divided into three sessions. The first will address the issue from an operational perspective through the eyes of a ship captain and a shipping company. Past incidents and the associated risks will then be presented by Cedre and an insurance specialist. The day will conclude with a session on response to a container incident, from the point of view of maritime and port authorities. The presentations will given by key players in the field.


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SESSION 1: Containers and their specificities.


The dynamic behaviour of container ships and its consequences for the cargo.

The challenges of maritime container shipping and logistical loading constraints.


SESSION 2: Past incidents and risks.


The insurer’s viewpoint: past incidents, cost of incidents today, values underwritten, risk management, response expectations. 


Hazards posed by containers and their contents: behaviour and drift of containers at sea, hazards related to the goods transported. Work conducted by Cedre: a few examples. S


SESSION 3: Response.


Issues for the authorities in relation to merchant shipping. Response at sea. 


Issues for large ports: onshore response. 


Cedre’s role: feedback from expertise on offshore and onshore response provided for a selection of incidents (Sherbro, MSC Napoli, Lykes Liberator, MSC Flaminia, Grande America).


The benefits of cross-cutting competences. 

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