Accidental pollution by HNS

Cedre Information Days, 1st April 2014, Paris la Défense.

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of chemicals are transported annually by sea and river, and are traded in ports. These substances are carried either in bulk or packaged. The constantly growing fleet of chemical tankers and container ships, whose ever-increasing size is cause for concern, exacerbates the risk of accidents and spills into the natural environment. The efforts made by the International Maritime Organization towards greater consideration of this situation testify
to this. Accidents involving chemical tankers (Ievoli Sun, Ece...) and container ships (Napoli, MSC Flaminia) have highlighted the technical difficulties and
international dimension of maritime incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances (HNS).
To address this complex issue of chemical incidents and risks at sea and in rivers, we asked our French, European and international partners to present the information networks, regulations and research conducted in this field. To illustrate this topic with an example of a recent shipping incident, we invited a representative of the group of experts in charge of advising the German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies to give a presentation on the consequences of the fire on board the MSC Flaminia.


Morning session chaired by Férédéric Périé, Président du Comité Stratégique du Cedre


Theme : Operational information sources

Chemical incidents and risks by Karen Quintin, Cedre 
application/pdf Chemical incidents and risks

The Transaid network by Céline Caroly, Union des Industries Chimique
 application/pdf The Transaid network
CASU (INERIS) emergency response unit by Jean-Martin Vincent, Ineris
 application/pdf CASU (INERIS) emergency response unit

The EMSA Mar-ICE and Mar-CIS networks by Ana Sofia Catarino, EMSA
application/pdf The EMSA Mar-ICE and Mar-CIS networks

Round table



Afternoon session chaired by M. Lenormand, adjoint à la sous-direction du littoral et des milieux marins, MEDDE


Theme : Cedre's actions

Operational response by Fanch Cabioc'h, Cedre 
application/pdf Operational response

A review of R&D on HNS by Stéphane Le Floc'h, Cedre
 application/pdf A review of R&D on HNS


Theme : International approach

Canada approach by André Laflamme, Transports Canada
 application/pdf Canada approach


Theme : A recent case

The MSC Flaminia by Dr. Thomas Höfer, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Germany)
 application/pdf The MSC Flaminia



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