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Experimentation column

This novel tank is designed to study the behaviour of an oil or chemical as it rises or sinks in the water column.

A unique device

With its large dimensions – 5 m high and 1 m in diameter – this tank is one of a kind. Placed in a hall in which the environmental parameters can be controlled, the experimentation column is composed of six sides of which three are transparent and features a watertight lid to which an extractor fan for explosive gases is fitted.

To determine the dissolution kinetics of pollutants

The product is injected at the base of the water column if its density is lower than that of water and at the top of the column for products which tend to sink or settle. By analysing the images recorded with a high-speed camera, the speed of travel and dissolution kinetics of the pollutants studied can be determined.

In order to validate computer modelling

The results obtained are mainly used to validate the mathematical equations used by modelling software to describe the fate of an anthropogenic substance released into the environment, either from a sunken wreck or at the surface.


Examples of studies on chemical substances





Examples of studies on chemical dispersion of oil



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