Our Polludrome® is able to recreate natural phenomena such as the wind, current and temperature in order to study the behaviour of pollutants in conditions close to those found in the natural environment.

To recreate natural phenomena

Only two copies of this experimental tool exist today in the world, the one existing at Cedre was entirely designed by our teams in 1997 and replaced in 2011 by the current model. The Polludrome® is used to recreate the various phenomena influencing pollutant behaviour liable to occur in the natural environment: wind, current, surface agitation, temperature, salinity, sunlight, etc.


To study pollutant behaviour

These simulations are mainly designed to study the behaviour of oil and chemicals during the first few hours following a spill. The proportions of the substance which have dispersed, evaporated, spread at the surface and emulsified can thus be determined.

And define an appropriate response strategy

These parameters are determining factors in the choice of appropriate response strategies and equipment such as dispersant application.

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