Floating microcosms

Placed in situ, our floating microcosms are designed to study the behaviour of floating oil or chemicals when released at sea.

In situ study devices

Each of these 3 m x 3 m microcosms is composed of an aluminium frame to which a flexible tarpaulin is secured and hangs down 2.5 metres into the water. This tarpaulin marks out a volume of water which remains exposed to the influence of the prevailing sea and weather conditions (waves, surface agitation, rain, wind, sunshine, etc.). These environmental conditions are permanently recorded by a weather station.

Designed to:

●    monitor the fate and weathering of floating oil or chemicals
●    assess the efficiency of dispersants according to the degree of weathering of the pollutant or the application mode
●    assess the efficiency of demulsifiers, sorbents or flow agents.

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