Ecotoxicology room

This room contains all the experimental devices designed to assess the toxicity of chemicals and oils for aquatic organisms.

A powerful ecotoxicity assessment facility

Drawing upon international standards, several tests can be conducted to assess the ecotoxicity of a substance for aquatic organisms. The flagship device in this facility is the ecotox test bench, an innovative system designed to assess the toxicity of a broad range of products and mixtures for a wide variety of organisms, in particular marine organisms, positioned at different levels in the food chain.

Drawing on comprehensive standardised protocols

In practice, the organisms are exposed to different concentrations of the selected product for durations ranging from 6 hours to 10 days. The indicator generally used is the lethal concentration 50 (LC50) or effective concentration 50 (EC50), equal to a 50 % morality rate or growth inhibition of the organisms tested. These trials are completed by chemical analyses to accurately determine the exposure range.


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