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Shoreline test bench

This original system is designed to assess the efficiency of clean-up techniques on shores contaminated by oil or chemicals.

Recreating a shoreline environment

Composed of 12 stainless steel tanks mounted on a shaker table driven by a pneumatic cylinder, the shoreline test bench simultaneously and reproducibly recreates the same shoreline environment in several microcosms by simulating wave and tidal action. According to the type of environment to be studied, the amplitude and frequency of the table's movements are adjusted to obtain a regular wave in each tank.

To compare the efficiency of response techniques

The aim is to be able to comparatively assess the efficiency of different response techniques for the same environment. This equipment can be used for rocky substrates, for instance to test the efficiency of washing agents or anti-adhesive agents. It can also be used for loose substrates (gravel, sand, mud, etc.), for example to validate a bioremediation process or assess efficiency of clean-up by polluted sediment agitation.

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