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The 40 years of the Amoco Cadiz and the incident involving the Ulysse and the CSL Virginia

In March, the Cedre Information Day, 40 years on from the Amoco Cadiz oil spill, was an opportunity for our partners and governors to present the changes which have come about over the past four decades. It was followed the next day by an open day, which was a resounding success.

Our Emergency Response service saw a 36% rise in the number of enquiries, notably with 10 incidents leading to on-site call-outs. Half of these spills occurred at sea or on the shoreline, including that due to the incident involving the Ulysse and the CSL Virginia, in which Cedre continues to be involved in early 2019, while the other half related to incidents in inland waters, the number of which is constantly on the rise.

The net asset for 2018 is positive. This result can be explained by a rise in service provision and the expansion of the centre’s technical scope on marine litter and microplastics.

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