Port area

Facilities recreating a port area.

Cedre has developed facilities characteristic of port areas to train personnel in the containment and recovery of oil or chemical spills liable to occur in these complex environments, in order for trainees to gain hands-on experience during practical sessions.


Two aluminium pontoons (9 metres by 3 metres), brought from Concarneau harbour where development work was being carried out, have been given a second lease of life at Cedre. This 54 m² floating platform has been equipped with a power supply pedestal and a fuel station. With a diesel storage tank under removable grating, as well as a gutter system along the banks, new spill scenarios can now be simulated using real oil for training purposes.


The following facilities have also been installed:

- a walkway to offer trainees safe access and to facilitate the deployment of response equipment;

- permanent booms;

- various mooring and tidal/water level compensation systems;

- various emergency containment systems so that trainees can tackle a variety of leak and spill scenarios by implementing different technical solutions.


This new facility will allow us to meet the growing demands of our port sector partners and clients for spill response training for their personnel.

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