Beach and water body

The man-made beach and its water body allow full-scale simulation of oil pollution on various shore types during experiments and training courses.

A 2,500 m² man-made beach

Our beach features elements found on the shoreline: sandy shore, riprap composed of boulders, a bed of pebbles and different types of outflow pipes.

A 3,500 m² water body

The body of seawater adjoining the beach is connected to the outdoor test tank, allowing the water level to be adjusted, thus simulating the effect of tides.

To simulate a real oil spill

At this facility, different types of oil can be released in near real-life conditions in a reproducible way.

During training courses and equipment trials

During training courses, this facility can be used to run practical sessions on: spill surveys and assessment, sampling, cleaning pebbles and riprap, locating and recovering oil buried under a layer of sand, plugging outflow pipes and laying custom-made barriers. Equipment trials and demonstrations (e.g. for amphibious vehicles) can also be performed here.


Our outdoor technical facilities are fully accessible to persons with reduced mobility or persons with disabilities who can watch practical sessions in appropriate safety conditions.

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