Outdoor test tank

Real oil can be released and equipment deployed in our outdoor test tank in order to perform trials or run practical training.

A large deep-water tank

This seawater tank has a surface area of 1,900 m2. Its depth varies between 2 and 3 metres.

For training purposes

During practical training courses, containment and recovery exercises can be carried out at our outdoor test tank where trainees can practice deploying containment booms, skimmers, hoses and sorbents.

For equipment trials

Trials are regularly carried out in the outdoor test tank to assess the performance of oil spill response equipment and techniques.
In 2000, heavy duty equipment for response at sea (pumps, skimmers, annular water injection systems, etc.) provided in case of a leak during pumping operations on the wreck of the Erika was tested on emulsified heavy fuel oil.

For experiments

The same year, daily monitoring of the styrene monomer submerged in steel containers at the bottom of the test tank validated the choice of the system used to pump the cargo out of the Ievoli Sun.

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