Two shipping containers are used to run exercises on managing container incidents. 

A 10-foot and a 20-foot shipping container have been placed respectively on the beach and on a concrete platform for exercises on managing container incidents.

With this equipment, we have been able to expand the range of scenarios put to trainees. The 10-foot container can be used to simulate a scenario involving a container washed up on the shoreline after being lost overboard, while the 20-foot container can be used for scenarios involving a container leaking or overheating onboard a vessel, on the dockside, in a harbour or in a storage area.

Practical survey and assessment assignments are regularly carried out using magnetic labels so that the trainers can test the participants’ knowledge of marking regulations. With these training tools, exercises and demonstrations of approach procedures and the use of heat cameras can also be conducted, and leak response demonstrations can be given.

These containers are also regularly used by the Finistère fire brigade and naval fire-fighters for training purposes.

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