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From the consequences of the Erika to the Melbridge Bilbao

With a 10.2 million Franc (1.3 million Euro) State subsidy decided by the Inter-ministerial Committee on Spatial Planning and Development (CIADT) in February 2000, in addition to the 5 million Franc (0.64 million Euro) annual subsidy, the year was overshadowed by the implementation of CIADT decisions and the expansion of Cedre's duties. With these new means, the staff was increased to 50 agents, a Caribbean delegate appointed, an experimentation programme on the behaviour at sea of the cargo of the Ievoli Sun conducted and its evolution monitored.

On 12th November, the grounding of the container ship Melbridge Bilbao on a beach of Molène Island (Finistère) reminded us of the ever-present risk of chemical spills.

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