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From a focus on the Erika to the Ievoli Sun spill

Faced with requests far in excess of its means, Cedre called upon its former staff and interns, to reinforce its personnel, sparing neither time nor expense. It was a risky bet. The association's operational activity went through the roof (+ 130 %). Its costs shot up in consequence. However, the announcement by the CIADT (Interministerial committee for land planning and development) on 28th February that the association's means would be reinforced in 2001 reassured the management in its decision.

On 31st October, when the pressure from the Erika spill was beginning to subside, the chemical tanker Ievoli Sun sank in the Channel with a cargo of 6,000 tonnes of styrene, methyl ethyl ketone and isopropyl alcohol. Cedre was mobilised to assess the risks and to provide advice on the measures to take, for which experiments were conducted between Christmas and New Year.

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