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Accident date
England, Channel
Accident area
Off the coast of Brixham, Devon
Spill area
Cause of spill
Nature of pollutant
Crude oil
Quantity spilled
1,000 tonnes
Ship / structure type
Oil tanker

After a collision with the trawler Diane Marie on 12 May 1990, the tanker the Rosebay, sailing from the Persian Gulf to Rotterdam, spilled 1,000 tonnes of crude oil in the open sea.
Authorities were particularly worried as this incident occurred at the beginning of the tourist season. Oil slicks were threatening the beaches of south Devon. Response operations were set up immediately. The remaining oil was transferred to another tanker.
Dispersant spraying operations helped removing between 50 and 75 % of the spilled oil from the sea. This process was enhanced by evaporation and natural dispersion. As a result only a small amount of mousse reached the coast.

Source :

- CD Rom: International Oil Spill Conference, Proceedings: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Restoration – Perspectives for a Cleaner Environment, Vancouver, April 6-11, 2003

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