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Lessons learnt

The various reports drawn up by the MCA on the entire operation, CEFAS on environmental impact studies, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch on the causes and circumstances surrounding the accident and Devon County Council on the on land repercussions of the beaching of the MSC Napoli provide a large number of lessons to be learnt and recommendations.

These indications cover a wide range of aspects from shipbuilding regulations, severe weather shipping rules, container ships to response organisation at sea and on land, and their coordination, all technical aspects of response both in terms of counter pollution measures and wreck handling etc…. An article could be written on this data alone.

The MSC Napoli accident touches upon certain very topical issues: container ships, containers lost overboard, local involvement in the management of marine pollution… The concept of places of refuge was put into practice. The UK authorities made a brave decision by beaching the MSC Napoli near the coast at an emblematic site. Given the ship's condition which was threatening to split, this option proved to be an effective way of reducing the impact of the pollution and facilitating removal and pumping operations. The local communities were informed and involved in decision-making, for instance for certain site protection measures. They were confronted with the concept of places of refuge in practice, with the fear of their environment being sacrificed.

Finally, the efficient cooperation established through the Mancheplan and the Bonn Agreement, as well as support through the mobilisation of personnel and equipment, are worthy of note.

Last update on 28/04/2010
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