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Korean Star

Korean Star
Accident date
Accident area
Cape Cuvier, Western Australia
Spill area
Cause of spill
Nature of pollutant
bunker fuel
Quantity spilled
600 tonnes
Ship / structure type
Bulk carrier
174 m
26 m
10.6 m
Green Spanker Shipping, S A PANAMA

The incident

On the 20th May 1988, the bulk carrier Korean Star arrived in the Port of Cape Cuvier from Hong Kong. The vessel anchored a mile out from the port's loading facility.  During the night of the 21st the weather deteriorated. The vessel started dragging its anchor and ran aground at the base of the cliffs close to the port. The 19 crew members were evacuated.

The spill

Approximately 600 tonnes of bunker fuel was released into the sea around the vessel. Australia's National Plan was activated. The spill affected 10 nautical miles of coastline north of the wreck, made up of rock foreshore and a single sandy beach.

Response equipment was sent to combat pollution in these areas with problematic access however no major clean-up operations on land were undertaken.
 Wave and tidal action aided the natural dispersion of the oil.

The wreck

The insurer and the owner investigated the possibility of refloating the vessel. However, after assessment it was declared a destructive total loss. The vessel presented no further pollution danger and as its position was not a navigation hazard it was decided to leave it in place.

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