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Waste collected

Summary of waste collected in the 4 departments
The graph below shows the evolution of the quantities of waste transported to the 4 final storage facilities that were successively opened in Loire-Atlantique: Donges (Elf refinery), Frossay-Octel, Arceau 1 (Donges-CFR) and Arceau 2. It is based on data provided by TotalFinaElf, which was in charge of storing and processing the waste generated by the Erika spill.
Final storage began on 26th December 1999. The graph below shows a sharp rise in the volume collected until the end of January (2,800 tonnes per day on average), then a slower rise (1,500 tonnes per day from the end of January to the end of June). Six weeks after the storage facility went into operation, half the waste had been collected, and six months later 92%.


Last update on 10/06/2001
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