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CMA CGM Normandie

CMA CGM Normandie
Accident date
Accident area
strait of Malacca, with 6 miles from Singapour
Spill area
Cause of spill
Quantity transported
31, 364 tonnes
Ship / structure type
Container ship

On 27 March 2001, the container carrier the CMA CGM Normandie was travelling from Malaysia to Indonesia at 22 knots, with a cargo of 3,312 containers (31,364 tonnes) onboard, when she hit a coral reef in the Strait of Malacca, 6 miles from Singapore. Ballast plating and roofs were torn. Two holds were completely flooded. The stern of the ship faced water leaks through cable channels, particularly in the machine compartment.

The cause of the accident lies essentially on the fact the CMA CGM Normandie strayed from its path to the right-hand side of the channel to pass slower ships. The Singaporean maritime control centre tried for nearly two hours to make contact with the ship, in order to indicate it was heading in the wrong direction. The two French officers, including the commanding officer, were on the bridge, and therefore did not hear the call.

The ship was not refloated until 22 April, more than 60 days after the accident. Fortunately, there was no noticeable pollution. For more details about the accident, see “le Marin” from 5 October 2001 and “le Journal de la Marine Marchande” from 12 October 2001.

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