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A development project

Four million Francs, from an exceptional subsidy and the association's own funds, were dedicated to transforming the trial facilities into multipurpose technical facilities, with complete restoration of the beach, creation of a deepwater basin and construction of a training building. An audit resulted in the abandonment of Eurocedre in favour of an 18 million Franc development project, through the State-Region plan.

At the end of the year, accident-related requests took off. After the loss of 1,500 tonnes of crude oil from the tanker Lyria following a collision in the Mediterranean on 1st August, the team was called out again on 8th, 9th and 19th December, following the loss of 88 containers by the Sherbro, the sinking of the chemical tanker Grape One in the Channel with 3,000 tonnes of styrene on board and the landings of thousands of detonators in plastic bags on the Atlantic shoreline.

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