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A chemical spill and fuel oil in the Channel

The Spanish authorities were unable to prevent a fire and several explosions on board the Cason. In February, the European Commission mobilised Cedre, through the European Task Force, to advise the authorities on the dangers and recovery of the products still on board. On 22nd January, the container ship Brea was struggling in adverse weather conditions off Ushant Island when she lost 700 drums of hazardous substances. Four POLMAR plans were activated and Cedre, immediately mobilised, provided recommendations on the risks if the drums were to be discovered by the public on the shoreline and took part in assessing the possible consequences for humans and the environment.

During the night of 30th January, the oil tanker Amazzone, with 32,000 tonnes of paraffinic crude oil on board, lost a number of bunker covers in a storm off the coast of Finistère. The ship then travelled through the Ushant traffic separation scheme without alerting the French authorities, leaving a trail of 2,100 tonnes of pollutant in her wake.

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