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Yuyo Maru N°10/Pacific Alice

Yuyo Maru N°10/Pacific Alice
Accident date
Accident area
Tokyo Bay
Spill area
Cause of spill
Quantity transported
202 tonnes of propane, 6,443 tonnes of butane and 20,831 tonnes of naphtha
Nature of pollutant
Propane, butane et naphta
Quantity spilled
202 tonnes of propane, 6,443 tonnes of butane and 20,831 tonnes of naphtha
Ship / structure type
Gas tanker

On 9 November 1974, during its journey from Saudi Arabia to Kawasaki (Japan), the Japanese gas carrier Yuyo Maru N°10 collided with the Pacific Alice in Tokyo Bay. Loaded with propane, butane and naphtha, the gas carrier suffered a large hole at the point of collision. Due to the accident, the naphtha instantly burst into flames and as a result of the outflow of cargo overboard, the sea surface turned into a sea of fire. Then, the Pacific Alice showered with fire burst into flames in the forecastle and on the bridge.
 While successive naphtha explosions occurred, attempts were made to tow the Yuyo Maru N°10 out of Tokyo Bay. In the afternoon of 27 November, the gas carrier was sunk south of Nojima Saki by air bomb and torpedo attacks.
 On board the Yuyo Maru N°10, five crew members were killed and seven others injured by this accident. The Pacific Ares sailors were all killed except one person, who was injured but rescued.

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