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Gülser Ana

Gülser Ana
Accident date
Accident area
off Faux Cap
Spill area
Cause of spill
Quantity transported
39,250 tonnes of phosphorite, 570 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 70 tonnes of marine diesel and 8 tonnes of lubricating oil
Nature of pollutant
phosphorite (phosphate rock), heavy fuel oil, lubricating oil
Ship / structure type
Bulk carrier (bulk carrier)
Built date
188.5 m
29.7 m
Kardeniz Denizcilik
Mardeniz Denizcilik
P&I Club
Cabinet Holman Fenwick

In the night of 25 to 26 August 2009, the Turkish ore carrier Gülser Ana, loaded with 39,250 tonnes of phosphorite (phosphate rock), 570 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 70 tonnes of marine diesel and 8 tonnes of lubricating oil, was travelling from Kpeme (Togo) to Visakhapatnam (India), when it grounded off Faux Cap, at the southernmost point of Madagascar. The impact of the accident caused a crack in the side of the vessel and the 23 crew members had to be rescued. On 30 August, the vessel broke in two. Part of its fuel and its cargo were released into the sea.

The risk generated by this accident was two-fold: phosphorite can contain heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and chrome) and oil products can contaminate vital resources for local populations (fish and coastal well water). A ministerial order was therefore issued banning fishing in the area. In return, the area’s fishermen received transitory compensation from the vessel’s insurer.

Clean-up operations were conducted on the 50 km of oiled beaches by a few experts in spill response working with 100 to 150 locals who were trained, equipped and remunerated for their participation. Two agents from Cedre were sent on site in September and October upon request by the Republic of Madagascar Ministry of Transport. Their mission was to determine whether the marine environment and the water for consumption from coastal wells were polluted due to the spill of fuel and cargo from the Gülser Ana. Water samples (sea and wells) and fish samples were taken. Analysis carried out in Cedre’s laboratory showed no pollution due to the ore carrier.


- Cedre, 2009, Rapport au Ministère des Transports de la République Malgache sur l’accident du navire Gülser Ana sur la côte sud de Madagascar
- Cedre, 2009, L’accident du navire minéralier Gülser Ana sur la côte sud de Madagascar, dans la nuit du 25 au 26 aout 2009

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