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Cedre Newsletters - 2022

Last update on 11/02/2022

n° 315, september 2022

Emergency response
Cedre takes part in Sea Tech Week
Cedre attends 18th European Researchers' Night
European project meetings
4th MANIFESTS project meeting
1st HNS workshop with EMSA
Testing buried oil detectors
Participation in the 7th International Marine Debris Conference
Spill response boom mooring trials in muddy substrates
Meetings with Mediterranean operators of the aquatic litter monitoring networks
Shrimp meets anode
Second training session for OSRL, 13 to 16 September
Aquatic litter monitoring site surveys in Normandy
Observation of a clearance diver exercise

n° 314, July and august 2022

Emergency response
Visit from Ifremer’s CEO and the National Director of the French Customs Coast Guard
The IRA-MAR project kicks off
Qualiopi certification
Meeting with NAVALEO
Aquatic litter meetings between Cedre, IFPEN, CEREMA and IOWater
Discussions with the Finistère fire brigade
Visit to Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm
Atlantic clearance divers visit Cedre
Monitoring site surveys in Hauts-de-France
Angola crude oil testing in the Polludrome®
Theory and practical training for offshore wind farm constructors
Dispersant spraying equipment tests
DPOL clean-up system tests
Meeting with the Arcachon Basin Marine Nature Park

n° 313, June 2022

Emergency response
Cedre’s Strategy Committee meeting
Training course in Reunion alongside ISMI
CleanAtlantic project coordination meeting
Annual events: “Polymères et Océans” and “Plastiques, changement de Cap !”
Sure as the wind blows
Training course for OSRL
Meeting of the Technical Group on Marine Litter

n° 312, May 2022

Emergency response
MOIG regional workshop in Tunisia
Annual OTSOPA meeting in Belgium
Dispersant toxicity and effectiveness for the German Federal Institute of Hydrology
Cedre attends various international marine litter meetings
Cedre attends European Geosciences Union conference
BUNGE Brest visits Cedre
Inland waters training course
Exercise for Western Indian Ocean countries
“Plastique à la Loupe” annual conference
Cedre visits Saint-Brieuc Bay

n° 311, April 2022

Emergency response
IMAROS project: ecotoxicity, persistence and in situ burning tests
Theory and practical training for offshore wind energy providers
OPHELIA project wrap-up meeting and results
1st English-language course on oil spill response at sea and on the shoreline
Participation in a Franco-American summit on plastic pollution
Cedre trains TotalEnergies Gabon
Visit to Edouard Quéau secondary school, Portsall
Cedre's activities relating to national litter monitoring networks
News of the MANIFESTS project

n° 310, March 2022

Emergency response
Cedre Information Day: Consideration of Environmental Impacts
Cedre is recruiting work-study students!
Cedre will be at Interspill!
Inland water incident management course
IMO 2 training course in Martinique
Review for the port of Lorient
Webinars to present litter monitoring networks
New trials in the Polludrome®
CleanAtlantic project extended until June 2023
Mission in Martinique
From the Landes to the Basque Country
MANIFESTS project meeting in Spain
Yvelines fire brigade training at Cedre

n° 309, February 2022

Emergency response
IMO Secretary-General visits Cedre
Cedre attends One Ocean Summit
Iroise Marine Nature Park management committee meeting
Oil behaviour study in French Guiana
New hydrophobic floating sorbent tested
Training season kicks off at Cedre!
Training for Séché Urgence Intervention
Decontaminating the Bouge Pep dump, Ushant Island
Training course on monitoring shoreline microlitter
New trials in the Polludrome®
Spills in the Gulf of Thailand

n° 308, January 2022

Emergency response
A new director takes the helm at Cedre
2022 Information Day “Consideration of Environmental Impacts”
Spill response equipment testing
Bay of Audierne beach litter monitoring survey
CleanAtlantic: new reports released by Cedre
Spill response training in Capbreton marina
Presentation of the SAMI project
Taiwan: virtual training on pollution in inland waters
New operational guide on waste management

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