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Cedre Newsletters - 2020

n° 295, november 2020

Emergency response
52nd meeting of Cedre’s Strategy Committee
Cedre Technical Day
Qualiopi certification
E-learning module: surveying sites polluted by oil
Training: merchant ships and the role of shipping industry stakeholders in maritime incidents
Response equipment chemical compatibility trials reach completion
OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Marine Litter
Pyrolysis analysis workshop and MICRO2020 conference
Support for aquatic litter response initiatives
European Researchers' Night 2020 meets with resounding success

n° 294, october 2020

Emergency response
Nautical Institute accreditation
ISO certifications maintained
A game-changing move: Cedre introduces its Serious Game “Tactic Spill”
West MOPoCo manual enters finalisation phase
3rd OceanWise participatory workshop
Beach litter survey
Filming at Cedre for TV documentary series “La mer à voir” by Tébéo
20 years since the Ievoli Sun sank north of Batz Island

n° 293, september 2020

Emergency response
32nd meeting of contracting parties to the Bonn Agreement 
RAMOGEPOL 2020 exercise
On-site training courses back up and running
Response preparedness assignment for Haropa-Ports de Paris and VNF
CleanAtlantic project steering committee meeting
Used Cooking Oil (UCO) weathering assessment 
“Oil sniffer” tests
IPoMaC project: offshore sensor trials
1st riverine litter monitoring site opens
Cedre in the field for national beach litter monitoring

n° 292, july/august 2020

Emergency response
Explosion in Lebanon: Cedre mobilised 
Training: on-site sessions resume at Cedre
Cedre-led MANIFESTS project accepted by DG-ECHO
Cedre appointed leader of EMSA’s HNS Technical Correspondence Group 
Experimentation on HNS behaviour
Collaboration meeting between OceanWise project and Helcom
MICMAC and “Plastique à la loupe !” internships reach completion
Participation in mini-documentary on microplastics
New hydrophobic floating sorbent tested
Digital learning: an integral component of Cedre training
Certification of our training services
New port zone at Cedre’s technical facilities
A national shoreline pollution expertise cluster in Brest

n° 291, june 2020

Emergency response
Cedre’s Strategy Committee
Meeting of Cedre's Board of Governors
Success for first remote training session
Back in the field for national shoreline litter monitoring
Training: on-site sessions to resume in late August
OSPAR Convention Beach Litter Expert Group meeting
A successful pilot year for the participatory science programme “Plastique à la loupe !”
6th CleanAtlantic project coordination meeting
Cedre training courses go digital
Series of spills in Siberia (Russia)
APL England: loss of containers in Australia

n° 290, may 2020

Emergency response
Experimentation on chemical behaviour 
OceanWise project coordination meeting
West MOPoCo HNS response manual progress
OSPAR ICG Marine Litter meeting
Final workshop for HazRunoff project 
Annual ICE network meeting by videoconference
Bonn Agreement OTSOPA working group meeting
Cedre training via distance learning!

n° 289, april 2020

Emergency response
Cedre supports COVID-19 healthcare workers
Cedre’s organisation during lockdown
Cedre remotely hosts parliamentary delegation to focus on plastic pollution
ISOWAT project comes to an end
HNS guide now available in English!
Oil spill in Ecuador

n° 288, march 2020

Emergency response
Experimentation in French Guiana
Cedre attends "Les Méninges" seminar at Guilvinec vocational school
ENSTA and Cedre discuss Brest International Maritime Festival 2020
Settlement for Santa Barbara oil pollution, California (USA)
Athos 1 (USA): reimbursement of clean-up costs

n° 287, february 2020

Emergency response
Cedre takes part in Aqua Sûreté forum
West MOPoCo at HELCOM meeting
IMO Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response
Experimentation preparation in French Guiana
Cedre attends Science and Environment Forum in Quebec
"Wildlife Rehabilitation" operational guide out now in English!
Cedre partners Brest 2020 International Maritime Festival (8th edition)

n° 286, january 2020

Emergency response
Meeting with FOST in Rognac
French national workshop on marine litter organised by Environment Ministry
Cedre attends oil workshop in Seattle
Launch of participatory science programme on plastics
Two new hydrophobic floating sorbents tested
New partnerships for stronger training
HNS guide in English coming soon!
Operational guide on “Use of Sorbents”
Heavy fine for a Chinese tuna vessel

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