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Cedre Newsletters - 2013

Last update on 20/03/2015

n° 219, December 2013

Emergency Response
Training courses
9th Economy of the Sea Congress
ARCOPOLplus project and e-learning tools
Perenco Cameroon
Medexpol 2013 workshop
BE-AWARE project final conference
Plastic litter
Prestige case verdict rendered

n° 218, November 2013

Cedre Information Day 2014
Emergency Response
Strategic Committee and Technical Day
Training: action for the Iroise Marine Natural Park
Petroleum Environmental Research Forum meeting
Mediterranean decision support system for marine safety (MEDESS-4MS)
ARCOPOLPlus: final conference
OSPAR Commission meetings
Rouen: closure of the CAMIS (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) project
Paris: IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group meeting

n° 217, October 2013

Cedre Information Day 2014
Emergency Response
Blow out project
MOST project
Custom-made training courses in October
Participation in seminars and symposiums
ITAC meeting in Singapore
ECCAS seminar on State action at sea
8th EMSA CTG MPPR in Lisbon

n° 216, September 2013

Emergency Response
MOTHY drift model: new features
2nd Mar-ICE network evaluation meeting
Researchers' Night
Post-ARCOPOL action by the Region of Aquitaine
SPRES project, 4th meeting in Belfast
Training courses
Oman: support to Omani authorities
Training courses
Ecological damage soon in the French Civil Code
Costa Concordia: wreck righted
Molasses in the port of Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)

n° 215, July/August 2013

Emergency Response
GI WACAF workshop in th Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Training for ITOPF and Perenco Cameroon
Trials on the oleophilic skimmer Elastec TDS 118
Blow Out trials
TOSCA project closure meeting
Preparatory meeting for the September 2013 Environmental Conference
Quality/Environment management system certification
POLMAR zone contracts
Canada: train explosion and pollution of the Chaudière River in Quebec
Pollution in the Philippines

n° 214, June 2013

Emergency Response
Visit from Finistère Prefect an Brest Sub-Prefect
Preparatory meeting for the September 2013 Environmental Conference
ORSEC/POLMAR-Land training and exercises
Post-Arcopol action by the Region of Aquitaine
IMPOLEST project closure
AMOP, Halifax, 4th-6th June
Revision of the French-British Manche Plan
Many legal proceedings and court rulings

n° 213, May 2013

Emergency Response
FP7 Hoverspill project end: test and demonstration of 2 prototypes
Strategic Committee meeting
May training courses
MOBEX 2013 exercice, Guiana
Post-Arcopol action by the Region of Brittany
15th IMO OPRC-HNS Technical Group (TG) meeting
Report on potentially polluting wrecks
Illegal discharge from the Trefin Adam and SDS Rain

n° 212, April 2013

Emergency Response
Water forum for the Loire and Brittany: shoreline issues
Contengency plan for STDO, Tahiti
Post-Arcopol contract between the Aquitaine region and Cedre
Oil Spill Identification Network (OISNet) meeting
Training courses
BLOW OUT project funding meeting
50th GESAMP meeting
Pre-emptive POLMAR contract
Ecological damages: introduction into the French Civil Code now launched

n° 211, March 2013

Emergency Response
Cedre Information Day
Training courses: the 2013 programme begins
Visit from a German delegation from the "Umweltexpertengruppe"
3rd SPRES project meeting in Lisbon
NETMAR project comes to an end
MeDON project comes to an end
New websote:
Amoco Cadiz: 16th March 1978
Torrey Canyon: 18th March 1967

n° 210, February 2013

Emergency response
Visit from TOSCA project correspondents
ECCAS seminar on State action at sea
Training courses
Third joint DG ECHO-EMSA workshop
News of the POSOW project
World maritime economy
EMSA: new responsibilities
Statistical study on the risk of large oil spill

n° 209, January 2013

Emergency response
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference
Artic Frontiers
MOTHY 2012 statistics
Visit from Mrs Souliman, Delegate Prefect for Defence and Security - ZDO
Re-election of Pierre Maille as President of Iroise Marine Natural Park
Cedre operationnal guides on manufactured booms and custom-made barriers
Deepwater Horizon: a hefty bill
Costa Concordia: one year on
Matterhorn: fine upheld
Erika: France condemned to recover aid

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