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Cedre Newsletters - 2012

Last update on 20/03/2015

n° 208, December 2012

Emergency response and annual overview
Cedre Mediterranean delegation
POSOW project
Hoverspill project, meeting in Italy
Oil detector trials at Cedre
Contingency plan for STDO, Tahiti
Dispersants workshop
South Korean visit
Costa Concordia
Illegal discharge convictions in France

n° 207, November 2012

Cedre Information day
Emergency response
36th Strategic Committee meeting and Cedre Technical Day
Southampton: information exchange seminar
Visit to Cedre by Mrs Delphine Batho
Argomarine project final conference and EGEMP meeting
Water forum for the Loire and Brittany
November training courses
Surfrider Foundation Europe - 10 years since the Prestige
OSPAR ICG Marine Litter meeting

n° 206, October 2012

Emergency response
October training courses
Exercise in Bay of Seine
Cooperation with Taiwan
Total E&P Ivoiry Coast OSCP
Post-Arcopol contract between the Aquitaine region and Cedre
EMSA's 7th CTG MPPR meeting in Lisbon on 24 Octobre
ANEL study days
Atlantic Forum
2012 Science Festival

n° 205, September 2012

Emergency response
Exercise in Gabon
SPRES meeting
IMO OPRC-HNS Technical Group
Researchers' Night
Ampera-France project closure meeting
September training courses
What has become of the MSC Flaminia?
Erika trial comes to a close

n° 204, July / August 2012

Emergency response
MSC Flaminia
Brest maritime festival 2012
Balex Delta exercise
Crisis management training course for PSMC Cameroon representatives
Cedre accreditations
Public consultation
Illegal discharge

n° 203, June 2012

Emergency response
June training courses
Training courses in Morocco
High viscosity gel injection trials
Cedre at Brest maritime festival
AMOP Technical Seminar
Workshop in Alaska
Ria d'Etel Infra-POLMAR kick-off meeting
Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Blue Mass Med closure meeting
Oil spill in Red Deer River, Alberta

n° 202, May 2012

Emergency response
POSOW meeting
Strategic Committee, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire maritime port
OTSOPA 2012 meeting
Assistance to land authorities in Western France
Oil in the Parisian basin
ECCAS maritime safety seminar
Training in Tunisia
Training course for the Compagnie Fluviale de Transport
Erika: towards complete cancellation of court proceedings?
Costa Concordia wreck removal operations begin

n° 201, April 2012

Emergency response
Information session on HNS transport
Quartiers des sciences
ECCAS Maritime Safety Seminar
SONARA training/exercice, Limbe, Cameroon
Meeting of the OIl Spill Indentification Network of Experts (OISNET)
POLMAR correspondents meeting at DAM
New Caledonia - North Provice
TK Bremen: BEAmer report released
New powers for EMSA?
Deepwater Horizon: BP reaches out-of-court settlement
Elgin platform (North Sea): plugging and diversion operations underway

n° 200, March 2012

Issue 200 of the Newsletter
Emergency response
TK Bremen: shoreline clean-up operations come to a close
Cedre Information Day
Learning guide "Understanding Chemical Pollution at Sea"
Interspill 2012 Conference and Exhibition
13th IMO OPRC-HNS Technical Group meeting
GI WACAF workshop in Gabon
Training of port officers and auxiliaries
LPO celebrates its 100th anniversary

n° 199, February 2012

Emergency response
VNF - Cedre meeting
Lorient's marinas
POSOW project launch
Illegal discharges in the Mediterranean: a 750,000 Euro fine
Oll spill in a Venezuelan river
Erika III: tightening maritime safety
Deepwater Horizon: the trial?

n° 198, January 2012

Emergency response
Oil spills in icy waters
Launch of the ANR DECAPAGE project
Hoverspill project
Appointment: Secretary General of the Sea
MOTHY statistics update
Illegal discharge at sea
Rena, New Zealand
Shipwrecking and vessel stability
Erika: compensation paid to the French regions
Donges: Total fined 300,000 euros
Shell: production resumes at Bonga oil field, south of Nigeria
La Rochelle: international workshop in April

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