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Cedre Newsletters - 2011

n° 197, December 2011

Emergency response
Grounding of the TK Bremen
December training courses
Maritim Merit
Symposium on "coordination of State action at Sea: permanence and evolutions"
European project Arcopol - Awareness raising actions
Bucharest - HOVERSPILL project
Brest - POLHSAR project
London - IPIECA meeting

n° 196, November 2011

Information day 2012
Emergency response
Visit from the Deputy Secretary General of the Sea
CESE hearing
2nd Cross-Channel forum
Brest- technical Day on incident feedback
Brest- 34th Cedre Strategic Committee meeting
November training courses
Completion of rehabiliation work on the island of Er trenches
European project Arcopo - Closure and awareness-raising actions
Erika: First cheque from the insurer Rina
A barge caught illegally discharging on the Seine
Donges: legal proceedings for the pollution of the Loire on 16 March 2008

n° 195, October 2011

Emergency response
EGEMP meeting
Preparatory meeting for the winter season of State action at sea
Visit by Mrs Christine Boutin
AMOP 2011
Artic Oil Spill Conference
Spill response exercise in Gabon
October training courses
Science Festival
Discharge of the captain of the Tian Du Feng (cont.)
Deepwater Horizon: a minor victory for BP

n° 194, September 2011

Emergency response
Inauguration of Cedre's flume tank
Researchers' Night
September training courses: the ORSEC/POLMAR tour of France continues
Rehabilitation fo over forty-year-old storage trenches
Uganda: establishment of the oil spill contingency plan
Workshop in Egypt
Visit from a delegation of the North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum
Volunteering in civil protection
The Deepwater Horizon saga
Oil spills in the Bohai Sea, north-east China (cont.)
Hungary: toxic red sludge

n° 193, July/August 2011

Emergency response
Polmar training courses and exercises: systained activity
12th IMO OPRC-HNS Technical Group meeting
Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
Oil spill in Yellowstone River (Montana, north-west US)
Oil spills in Bohai Sea (China)
Shell accused of polluting the Niger Delta
North Sea oil spill
Bombay: 23rd shipwrecking in 29 years

n° 192, June 2011

Emergency response
US-Canada spill response exercise
June training courses
New project
Spill contingency plan update for the Société Ivoirienne de Raffinage
Dispersants workshop in Accra (Ghana)
Tian Du Feng trial in Brest, the only case of illegal discharge reported in 2010
Erika 3 legislative package: incomplete transposition into French law
What do Chevrolet and Deepwater Horizon have in common?
Phenol pollution in the Xin'an river (China)

n° 191, May 2011

Emergency response
Strategic Committee meeting
"Quartier des sciences" festival
Guadeloupe POLMAR training
Rempec focal points meeting
Safer Seas 2011
International Oil Spill Conference
BAWG OTSOPA 2011 meeting
Oil in Alberta (Canada)
Illegal discharge from the Kaltene in Brittany
BP: a record-breaking fine

n° 190, April 2011

Emergency response
Mar-ICE convention
Mothy model: version 3.3
Training course in Noumea
April training courses
ICOPCE 2011 in Singapore
Arcopol conference in Cardiff
Cameroon: national contingency plan reinforced
SEP Congo develops contingency plans for inland waters
Abidjan Convention: creation of a national centre
Deepwater Horizon: BP sues Transocean an Cameroun International

n° 189, March 2011

Emergency response
Retirement of Michel Girin, former Director of Cedre
CECIS course in Brussels
Cedre Information Day
Cedre presentation meeting
Trawl fabric trials
Working meeting with Ecocéane
Visit from representative of Florida Gulf Coast University
Interspill steering committee meeting
Brest 2012 - Les Tonnerres de Brest
Conference in Malmö
MS Olivia: Tristan Da Cunha archipelago
Gulf of Mexico: Deepwater Horizon (cont.)

n° 188, February 2011

Emergency response
Conference in Quebec
Exploration drilling off French Guiana
Exercise in Gabon
Products approved by Cedre's laboratory
Visit to Vigie Aviation
Norway: oil in a marine reserve
Rhine: sulphuric acid threat
Iran: pipeline leak
Ecuador: record-breaking fine
Azerbaijan:thermal oil cures

n° 187, January 2011

Emergency response
Deepwater Horizon
Assessment of the "Slick Sleuth" floating oil detection system
Cedre exhibition at La Pérouse library
Sub-regional workshop on HNS in Cairo
Ammunition dumped at sea
UK: austerity measures
Gulf of Mexico: a new leak… of gas
Animal fat spill in Houston Ship Channel
Use of the US Trust Fund for response in a canal

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