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Cedre Newsletters - 2010

n° 186, December 2010

Emergency response
"Pollution and Biodiversity" exhibition, Cedre, Brest
EC and EMSA action on accidental water pollution
Sorption tests on REP's skirted sorbent boom "Ecosorb"
A spill contengency plan for HTT SA
Contengency plans for Total Refing and Marketing depots
MOBEX 2010 exercice and seminar
POLMAR-Sea Guiana exercise

n° 185, November 2010

"Pollution and Biodiversity" exhibition at Cedre
Emergency response
Technical day and Cedre Strategic Committee
London : Ipieca's ITAC and OSWG meetings
Malta : MOIG technical session
Clara II
Train the trainer course in Tunis
Training course in Andalusia (cont.)
Petroleum Environment Research Forum (PERF)
Information meeting at UIC
Dakar refinery
Technip contract for a marine well containment system

n° 184, October 2010

Emergency response
The YM URANUS incident
Hungary: flood of toxic sludge
Cross-Channel Forum, UK
European project Arcopol
Nancy: ecotechnological days
California: exploration of the Montebello shipwreck

n° 183, September 2010

Emergency response
Deepwater Horizon rig (cont.)
Visit from the Republic of the Congo's Minister for the Merchant Navy
France: CPB spill contingency plan
Vigo, experimentation an DRIFTER project meeting
London: IMO OPRC-HNS Technical Group meeting
Brest, Océnopolis: 6th Researchers' Night
ORSEC/POLMAR-Land training course in Normandy
Practical training course for the Malian companies Semos an Yatela
Monaco: "Oil spill response" training course
Côtes-d'Armor: pumping fuel oil out of the warship Laplace
Gulf of Mexico: new offshore platform blaze

n° 182, July/August 2010

Emergency response
Mission in Louisiana
Deepwater Horizon rig (cont.)
Dispersant workshops in the Indian Ocean
Infrared video camera trials
New INERIS website
China : explosion of two pipelines
India: oil spill off Bombay
United States: pipeline leak
Nigeria: the largest oil spill ?
Strait of Hormuz: explosion onboard an oil tanker

n° 181, June 2010

Emergency response
Deepwater Horizon rig (cont.)
IMO mission in the Bahamas
Study visit by an Egyptian delegation
French Minister of Ecology visits Brest
France: Form-Edit seminar
Netmar workshop
Oil Spill Response Ltd celebrates its 25th anniversary
Indutrial Technical Advisory Committee meeting
AMOP 2010

n° 180, May 2010

Emergency response
Mont-Lacq: Cedre Strategic Committee Meeting
Symposium on the "politics and sciences of the sea"
Polmar training course in the Bouches-du-Rhône area
Training in Andalusia
Berlin: Migr'hicar artificial river trials
1st Oil Spill Conference in Croatia
Gulf of Mexico

n° 179, April 2010

Emergency response
Gulf of Mexico: oil rig sinks
MOTHY model: version 3.1 now operationnal
Guadeloupe POLMAR training
France: contingency plan for the Compagnie Pétrochimique de Berre
European project: ARCOPOL
Spillcon 2010
IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group

n° 178, March 2010

Emergency response
Cedre information day
Training course
10th OPRC-HNS technical group meeting in London
A brand new laboratory
Annuel Cedre-ITOPF meeting
Consultation of stakeholders by EMSA
Honfleur oil terminal
Experimentation in Vigo Bay (Spain)
BAR 3 D project closure
New website for MEEDDM
HNS in Canada

n° 177, February 2010

Emergency response
Total Refining-Marketing contingency plans
Information Day for communities bordering the Bay of Brest
AMPERA-France: progress meeting
DETHERPOLMAR: closure meeting
Italie: oil spill on the Po River

n° 176, January 2010

Information day
Emergency response
Annual MOTHY statistics
Follow-up to the Grenelle de la Mer summit
Marine nature park project
WISG 2010
Dispersant approved by Cedre's laboratory
Discobiol project
Meeting in Norway
Europe/Egypt twinning (cont.)
Somalia: two supertankers in the hands of pirates
China: pollution of the Yellow River
US: tanker collision near Port Arthur

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