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Cedre Newsletters - 2009

Last update on 20/03/2015

n° 175, December 2009

Emergency response
Meeting of the Board of Governors and a change of President for Cedre
Crisis communication training course
REMPEC - Cedre - Customs course in Morocco
EDF course in Guiana
Maritime ORSEC plan for the Antilles
Sorbent approved by Cedre's laboratory
Public environment information portal
Ineris: new version of the chemical substances portal
Russia and the US: serial pipeline leaks

n° 174, November 2009

Emergency response
November training courses
Bar3D experimentation
Consultative Technical Group meeting
IMO/IPIECA workshop
Meeting in Turkey
Fort Lauderdale: pollution in the artic
Worshop in Colombia
Chian and the US: acid problems
Autralia: West Atlas rig (cont. see Newletters 172 and 173)

n° 173, October 2009

Emergency response
Collision on the Seine
Incident at Berre petrochemical site
Grounding of the Gülser Ana, cont.
OSCAR-MED exercise
Polmar training courses and exercices
IMO audit
5th symposium Entretiens de Port-Cros
Autralia: West Atlas rig, cont.

n° 172, September 2009

Emergency response
Grounding of the Gülser Ana
Incident at Berre petrochemical site
Training in Turkey
Experimentation in the North Sea
NATO-Russian Federation workshop
SCLOG assignment, Republic of Congo
UK: Napoli, the end
Strait of Malacca : collision and fire
Australia: leak from offshore well

n° 171, August 2009

Emergency response
Crude oil leak from a pipeline
Study for EDF Chinon
New director for Cetmef
EMSA: Maritime Accident Review 2008
Crisis communication course: a few places left!
Website: expansion of t²he spills section
Mediterranean: a network of prosecutors
European Union twinning project - Egypt
Santa Barbara: natural oil seepage

n° 170, July 2009

Emergency response
France: spill response exercise at the Normandy refinery
Cedre rises from the ashes
Préfectures Maritimes: new commissioners appointed
Total Guadeloupe exercise, Pointe-à-Pitre
Workshop in Vigo
Belgium: visit to the Port of Antwerp
Refloating the wreck of MSC Napoli
Erika: appeal hearing to begin in October
650 sacks contaminated with PCB recovered last May
RSS news feed on Cedre's website

n° 169, June 2009

Emergency response
Spill in Theys
"Grenelle de la Mer" summit
Polmar sea 2009 exercice
Polmar course in Guadeloupe
Training course in Egypt
Greentide 2009 exercise
Case study, setting up local contingency plans
Cedre open day for the centre's 30th anniversary

n° 168, May 2009

Cedre Open Day, 19 June
Emercency response
Infopol conference-exhibition
Euronyme 2009 exercice
OSPAR Marine Beach Litter Programme
Oil spill waste : tenches from the Torrey Canyon on the Ile d'Er
OTSOPA meeting
Training - Normandy refinery contengency plan
Workshop in Costa Rica
Freswater Spill Symposium in the US
IMO/UNEP assessment and restoration manual

n° 167, April 2009

Fire in Cedre's laboratory
Emercency response
Interspill conference-exhibition
Demonstrations at sea
"Grenelle de la Mer" summit
Europe : EMSA pollution report
Spain: first judgment for the Prestige
Lebanon: a new angle
Forum in China

n° 166, March 2009

Emergency response
Symposium in Korea
Cedre Information day
Recovery vessel trials
InterRisk project
Polmar sea exercise in Martinique
New Maritime Prefect for the Mediterranean
GI WACAF workshop in Cameroon
Australia: heavy fuel oil in Queensland
USA/Philippines: a series of near misses

n° 165, February 2009

Visit from Secretary of State Chantal Jouanno
ITOPF - Cedre meeting
Response product validation
France: Contingency plan for the Normandy refinery
Training in Cannes
EMSA: a new contract notice
China: chemical pollution of drinking water
Dubai: collision and fire
Irish Sea: heavy fuel oil or deck wash-down?

n° 164, January 2009

Activations of MOTHY in 2008
ANR-Precodd Galerne project
Mar-ICE network
Morocco: Tanger Med Port pollution contingency plan
Skimmer trials
UK: Napoli stern section
US: Exxon Valdez punitive damages
US: pollution damages, Washington-style
Yemen: pollution from the Sirius Star prevented

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