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2nd EMSA TCG-HNS workshop

From 12 to 14 March 2024

This second EMSA TCG-HNS (Technical Correspondence Group on HNS) workshop focused on the response to HNS in packaged form. An engineer from Cedre was involved in the preparation and running of this event, held in Sweden.

The workshop gathered experts from 14 EU Member States, as well as EMSA representatives. Discussions focused on risk assessment, methodology and the first steps that to be taken when dealing with maritime incidents involving HNS transported in packaged form.

The three-day session included practical demonstrations and tabletop exercises, during which participants were able to share experiences and best practices. The 1st TCG-HNS workshop was held at Cedre in September 2022 focused on response to maritime accidents involving HNS transported in bulk.

Last update on 11/04/2024
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